Autopilot Gone Wrong

I was inspired to share this story after I laughed about it with a friend. I planned on adding what we ate during our ‘fast days’ to the beginning of the weekly fitness profile. In order to add the calorie count I needed to look at the package of cream cheese. After I put it away, I went back to my computer for a while. When I got hungry and needed a refill, I went to the fridge. I found all the usual suspects…. soda, ketchup, mustard, cheese snacks, cold cuts but not the cream cheese?!?!?!?!

*Looks Up*

I put the cream cheese on top of the fridge with the bagels!?!?!?!?!?!

We do silly things when we are lost in thought. What about you, have you done anything silly while on ‘autopilot’?

Cheers to you, life, random projects and silly autopilot. ūüôā


Fitness Profile

Initial 3.0 V.S. Not Another Initial

I will start out with thanking everyone for their patience….. THANK YOU!!!¬†With my renewed interest I will press forward. This should be the last ‘initial’ but I will do as many as it takes until I stick with it. We look at people who are successful and all we see is their ‘have it all’ life style. We don’t see the years of failing and getting back up again. I have done my fair share of failing and it is my turn to have it all!

My wonderful husband has agreed to do the 5:2 diet with me on the same days. It was kind of hard to keep track of his stuff when we weren’t on the exact same page. I warned him that if he isn’t cooperative this time around that I would have to drop him from the blog. I don’t want to do that because I like being able to show the difference in progression between a man and a woman. I am pretty sure he will stick with it this time because he has a PT test coming up soon. To avoid the stress similar to the last test, he wants to get into better shape to secure an easy pass.

Now, Week Four’s fitness profile was done December 8th. It is February 9th so it has been two months too long. Thanks again for waiting and let me know if there is anything you would like to see added to the Fitness Profile. ūüôā

Initial 3.0                                                           Not Another Initial

Weight: 151.8 pounds                                        Weight:  155.5 pounds

BMI:  28.7                                                               BMI:  29.4

Body Fat:  39.1%                                                  Body Fat:  39.1%

Waste:  38 inches                                               Waste:  37 inches

Chest:  40  inches                                                Chest:  40 1/2 inches

Steps:  N/A                                                            Steps:  N/A

Floors:  N/A                                                            Floors:  N/A

Initial 3.0                                                               Not Another Initial

Weight:  234.2 pounds                                          Weight:  237.8 pounds

BMI:  32.7                                                                  BMI:  33.1

Body Fat:  27.9%                                                     Body Fat:  29.9%

Waste:  42 inches                                                   Waste:  42 1/2 inches

Neck:  17 inches                                                      Neck:  17 3/4 inches

Steps:  N/A                                                                Steps:  N/A

Floors:  N/A                                                                Floors:  N/A


Hello everybody, My name is Amanda.   *Hi Amanda*  And I am lazy. *light claps*

I am sorry for being such a slacker. I recently jumped on the scale and saw a number dangerously close to 160 pounds!!!!! My motivation for getting back to the 5:2 diet has shot past need to do is hanging out with already working on next weeks initial fitness profile for Sunday. I already have a title for it. Hint:  Initial


Everyone has a ‘thing.’ ¬†WordPress is cool for writing but I still need a thing. Yes, I have the 5:2 diet thing. That will only last as long as I am looking to lose some weight and buy new clothes. Once I look awesome, I will need a real thing. I turn to You Tube for inspiration and tips. In regards to my messy house, I watch a lot of Clean My Space videos. Check out this Party Clean up video in honor of Super Bowl Sunday: ¬† ¬† Sooooo, Cleaning is their ‘thing.’ Once I find my thing, it will make writing every week easy peasy.


Thanks to the You Tube channel mentioned above… I am super excited to start cleaning! No, really, I am not kidding. I will be taking some super gross before pictures. I am sure I will get plenty of not very nice comments on them. (If any) But, I will endure to help inspire other slobs like me. Believe it or not, getting started is the worst part. It is easier to say fuck it, everything else is a mess anyway. I have done this on plenty of occasions. Once I do a deep clean all over, I will be working on getting a good cleaning schedule. After those two things have been done, and the schedule followed… I will have a house to be proud of.



Fitness Profile

Week Four V.S. Initial 3.0

Three weeks is plenty of time to enjoy the end of 2013. I ate a lot and forgot to wear my Fitbit for quite a while now. Despite that, our numbers are not as bad as I thought they would be. The new year is going to be awesome. Time to kick it into gear. I got a couple of family members a Fitbit for Christmas this year. I am looking forward to the added competition.

When I was in the military, a friend of mine helped me prepare for a PT test. She said that having someone to motivate actually helped motivated her. I heard her words, but I didn’t fully understand what she meant. Now with the Fitbits, I get it. I hit my target for the day easier when I know I have challenged someone else to reach the same goal. I don’t know why, but it is.

I wish I could say that along with the 5:2 diet I will be starting the core program again. This week is going to be a funny a week. My husband has new years day and the second off. It is strange but he still gets two days this week. If he doesn’t have time next week, I will just have to suck it up without him. Anyway, thank you for sticking around. Now for the part you have been waiting for….

Week Four                                                            Initial 3.0

Weight: 150.1 pounds                                        Weight:  151.8 pounds

BMI:  28.4                                                               BMI:  28.7

Body Fat:  38.2%                                                   Body Fat:  39.1%

Waste:  36 1/2                                                      Waste:  38

Chest:  37                                                              Chest:  40

Steps:  6,545                                                         Steps:  N/A

Floors:  10.14                                                         Floors:  N/A

Week Four-ish                                                               Initial 3.0

Weight:  230.6 pounds                                          Weight:  234.2 pounds

BMI:  32.1                                                                  BMI:  32.7

Body Fat:  27.3%                                                     Body Fat:  27.9%

Waste:  39 3/4                                                         Waste:  42

Neck:  17                                                                  Neck:  17

Steps:  9,986                                                           Steps:  N/A

Floors:  4                                                                  Floors:  N/A

Just Drop It

It sounds so easy right? Just to drop it, let it go, get on with your life. Some days it is easier than others. For certain subjects that are close to you, it can be even harder. What if you are struggling with something that happened years ago? It may seem silly on the outside, but very real emotions on the inside.

I listened to some audio from Jim Britt the other day. It was all about the power of letting go. He said a couple of things about the things we carry with us. The first was that it isn’t on our shoulders dragging us down. In fact, we hold on to these things. It is a cool thing to realize because if we choose to hold on to it, we can choose to let it go.

I hope to master that one day in the future. I imagine seeing a world full of solutions instead of trying to maintain the illusion of control. I can think of a couple of situations that all worked out once I stopped trying to figure it all out. Stopped getting in my own way. Even talking about letting go makes me feel more free. Free from worry and doubt. Free to really do the things I want to do. I am excited about Jim Britt and Jim Lutes new project. I can’t wait for the launch. I look forward to gaining some new ideas.

You can check the project out here:

A quote a friend shared on Facebook: “My set backs may have amused you, but my comebacks are going to confuse you.”

Cheers to you, life, random projects and the closing of 2013.


In the digital age, ereaders and reading apps on phones have become the go to for when you are on the go. I have thought about downsizing my physical book collection with a cloud version for some time now. With Christmas around the corner, I started thinking about how I would spend my gift cards. I was browsing Amazon and found something disgustingly awesome.

People are stupid. People buy ebooks anywhere from $1 to $15 on the high-end. The more expensive ones tend to be from authors who have been cranking out a book a year. I eventually stumbled across the DIYers. I couldn’t find an ‘ebook’ that was more than 40 pages. Then add insult to injury, some of those people want me to pay pretty much a dollar per page! Seriously, even our own OM from Harsh Reality. I’m not even mad. He is taking advantage of an opportunity. I would also like to take advantage of this same opportunity.

It is healthy to be grateful for the wonderful things in your life. Today I am thankful for stupid people because they make the world go round. Maybe one day, I will be confronted by someone who purchased one of my ebooks and found this post calling them out. I will be straight forward right now: No, I am not giving you a refund. You want your money back? Then I suggest you write an ebook that is at least 10 or so pages because any idiot can do that. Just keep writing until one day, stupid people will buy your ebooks too.

Update: December 26th… ¬†I made OM mad.¬†¬† I like how, I’m not even worth it. (Just ignore the post dedicated to me) I just checked Amazon and the review was deleted. I don’t know if that was Amazon deleting it because I didn’t purchase the ebook or if enough people found it… NOT helpful.

The saga continues friends:¬†¬† ¬† Riddle me this… when did I ever say I hated anything? I merely pointed out how stupid people are willing to pay a lot of money for nothing. Somehow, OM seems to think this was all just an attack on him. Buck up OM, you can protect yourself from imaginary haters. Maybe that’s the real reason why he hasn’t published a ‘real’ book. You have to have thick skin to hear no over and over before you get a yes.

P.S.  Thank you for making me look good.

Another Update:  After consulting with my brain trust, I realize that the initial review was very troll like. I am sorry for any harm that I caused. This has been an interesting experience and I hope to put what I learned into practice.

Am I the only one who thinks its strange that the expression for getting off course is ‘falling off the wagon’ while getting back on track is ‘get back on the horse’? Anyway, whatever you want to call it, I need to do it. I skipped one week of my diet and I let that bleed into this week. That is two weeks worth of being completely unproductive in the area of my health. I love my body so you will see another initial fitness profile this Sunday.

In other news, I am so excited I can’t sleep! I will be talking to three of my team members today. I am so happy. I can’t wait for January to roll out. I really want to help my team and get them where they want to go. I know that the personal development products will really help me accomplish my goals. You will see more, look at all the stuff I did posts. Also more, what I plan to do next posts. I am changing my philosophy. I am pushing forward. 2014 will truly be unlike any other¬†year before it!

What about you guys and gals out there? I know that Christmas is quickly approaching but have you put any thought into what your goals are for the year? Not necessarily a New Years resolution because thoes tend to fizzle out. I’m talking about a real plan with deadlines. (I haven’t yet. I just want to see where I am compared to the good people of Word Press.)