Fitness Profile

Fitness Profile

Week One-Ish V.S. Week Two-Ish

Another 7:0 week for us. The only thing that changed this week is steps. Inspired to be #1 this month in a Fitbit group that I am in. I am happy to report that I am currently #1. I will try to keep the lead and continue my 12k or better average. Badass Stepping! That is what I am proud of this week for sure.

This week will be more awesome. ūüôā


Week One-Ish                                                         Week Two-Ish

Weight: 158 pounds                                        Weight:  158.6 pounds

BMI:  29.9                                                            BMI:  30

Body Fat:  39.3%                                               Body Fat:  40.3%

Waste:  39 inches                                             Waste:  39 inches

Chest:  38 1/2  inches                                       Chest:  39 1/4 inches

Steps:  7,297                                                       Steps:  12,654

Floors:  2.7                                                            Floors:  1.7

         Week One-Ish                                                            Week Two-Ish

Weight:  238.5 pounds                                          Weight:  238.5 pounds

BMI:  33.2                                                                  BMI:  33.2

Body Fat:  29.3%                                                     Body Fat:  29.3%

Waste:  41  inches                                                 Waste:  41 1/2 inches

Neck:  17 1/2 inches                                               Neck:  17 1/2 inches

Steps:  9,585                                                            Steps:  10,606

Floors:  6                                                                   Floors:  6.2


Fitness Profile

Initial Z V.S. Week One-Ish

This is Week One-ish only because my husband did a 6:2 week this week. With the progression away from Initial land, it will help get my gears going because he will leave me in his dust if I don’t. Update on his fitness. First, I have to define a term: mock pt test. The mock test is given about a month before the ‘real’ pt test. After they gave him a mock pt test, he failed. He started going to pt everyday. This month he has a ‘special duty’ type job so he won’t going to his regular job this month. I don’t think he will be able to pt everyday at this other job.

I kept to my 7:0 diet this week. The only thing that I did differently is that, I have been drinking more water. I also added a decent amount of steps on my Fitbit. I will be adding those daily averages again. I am positive that those numbers will go up every week because I like seeing the change happen on the blog. My hubby doesn’t really see my blog unless I show him so he won’t have as much motivation about that as I will.

Crazy Lady Side Note:  I recently purchased The Science of Deliberate Creation: Abraham-Hicks Daily Planning Calendar and Study Group Workbook. It is basically a page a day, undated calendar that you can start the first of whatever month you choose. I have been using it for the last two days now. I like the fact that there are two columns. The first column is  8 am to 5:30 pm so you can fill in your appointments. The second column is listing what you really want. Reminding my self of all those things has made me pretty happy and positive.

Sane Man Side Note: ¬†He doesn’t listen to all that crazy stuff.

Initial Z                                                           Week One-Ish

Weight: 156 pounds                                        Weight:  158 pounds

BMI:  29.5                                                               BMI:  29.9

Body Fat:  40.1%                                                  Body Fat:  39.3%

Waste:  38 inches                                               Waste:  39 inches

Chest:  41  inches                                                Chest:  38 1/2 inches

Steps:  N/A                                                            Steps:  7,297

Floors:  N/A                                                            Floors:  2.7

          Initial Z                                                            Week One-Ish

Weight:  234.8 pounds                                          Weight:  238.5 pounds

BMI:  32.7                                                                  BMI:  33.2

Body Fat:  30.7%                                                     Body Fat:  29.3%

Waste:  41 3/4 inches                                            Waste:  41 inches

Neck:  17 1/2 inches                                               Neck:  17 1/2 inches

Steps:  N/A                                                                Steps:  9,585

Floors:  N/A                                                                Floors:  6

Fitness Profile

Not Another Initial V.S. Initial Z

This has been an interesting back and forth. I only did one fast day two weeks ago and I even cheated by eating a Nutty Bar!!! The week after that, I didn’t do anything. Back to another initial. I am pretty tired of them myself. Tired enough to just not do them anymore. I have been listening to my audio’s today. I am getting my head in the game. Again, I thank you for sticking around through the ups and downs. I think I will start keeping a food journal tomorrow.

I know that in order to be successful, consistency is the key I am not utilizing at the moment. Sticking with the 5:2 diet would be a great start. Updating this profile around the same time Sundays would be second. I don’t know is on third. ūüėČ Forth, puppy classes start again tomorrow so I know will be getting a bunch of steps in.

I will be looking up how to properly measure my chest / bust. I really don’t think it fluctuates that much. Once I get that down the right way, that number will be a reliable measurement.


Not Another Initial                                                           Initial Z

Weight: 151.8 pounds                                        Weight:  156 pounds

BMI:  28.7                                                               BMI:  29.5

Body Fat:  39.1%                                                  Body Fat:  40.1%

Waste:  38 inches                                               Waste:  38 inches

Chest:  40  inches                                                Chest:  41 inches

Steps:  N/A                                                            Steps:  N/A

Floors:  N/A                                                            Floors:  N/A

Not Another Initial                                                             Initial Z

Weight:  237.8 pounds                                          Weight:  234.8 pounds

BMI:  33.1                                                                  BMI:  32.7

Body Fat:  29.9%                                                     Body Fat:  30.7%

Waste:  42 inches                                                   Waste:  41 3/4 inches

Neck:  17 inches                                                      Neck:  17 1/2 inches

Steps:  N/A                                                                Steps:  N/A

Floors:  N/A                                                                Floors:  N/A

Fitness Profile

Initial 3.0 V.S. Not Another Initial

I will start out with thanking everyone for their patience….. THANK YOU!!!¬†With my renewed interest I will press forward. This should be the last ‘initial’ but I will do as many as it takes until I stick with it. We look at people who are successful and all we see is their ‘have it all’ life style. We don’t see the years of failing and getting back up again. I have done my fair share of failing and it is my turn to have it all!

My wonderful husband has agreed to do the 5:2 diet with me on the same days. It was kind of hard to keep track of his stuff when we weren’t on the exact same page. I warned him that if he isn’t cooperative this time around that I would have to drop him from the blog. I don’t want to do that because I like being able to show the difference in progression between a man and a woman. I am pretty sure he will stick with it this time because he has a PT test coming up soon. To avoid the stress similar to the last test, he wants to get into better shape to secure an easy pass.

Now, Week Four’s fitness profile was done December 8th. It is February 9th so it has been two months too long. Thanks again for waiting and let me know if there is anything you would like to see added to the Fitness Profile. ūüôā

Initial 3.0                                                           Not Another Initial

Weight: 151.8 pounds                                        Weight:  155.5 pounds

BMI:  28.7                                                               BMI:  29.4

Body Fat:  39.1%                                                  Body Fat:  39.1%

Waste:  38 inches                                               Waste:  37 inches

Chest:  40  inches                                                Chest:  40 1/2 inches

Steps:  N/A                                                            Steps:  N/A

Floors:  N/A                                                            Floors:  N/A

Initial 3.0                                                               Not Another Initial

Weight:  234.2 pounds                                          Weight:  237.8 pounds

BMI:  32.7                                                                  BMI:  33.1

Body Fat:  27.9%                                                     Body Fat:  29.9%

Waste:  42 inches                                                   Waste:  42 1/2 inches

Neck:  17 inches                                                      Neck:  17 3/4 inches

Steps:  N/A                                                                Steps:  N/A

Floors:  N/A                                                                Floors:  N/A

Fitness Profile

Week Four V.S. Initial 3.0

Three weeks is plenty of time to enjoy the end of 2013. I ate a lot and forgot to wear my Fitbit for quite a while now. Despite that, our numbers are not as bad as I thought they would be. The new year is going to be awesome. Time to kick it into gear. I got a couple of family members a Fitbit for Christmas this year. I am looking forward to the added competition.

When I was in the military, a friend of mine helped me prepare for a PT test. She said that having someone to motivate actually helped motivated her. I heard her words, but I didn’t fully understand what she meant. Now with the Fitbits, I get it. I hit my target for the day easier when I know I have challenged someone else to reach the same goal. I don’t know why, but it is.

I wish I could say that along with the 5:2 diet I will be starting the core program again. This week is going to be a funny a week. My husband has new years day and the second off. It is strange but he still gets two days this week. If he doesn’t have time next week, I will just have to suck it up without him. Anyway, thank you for sticking around. Now for the part you have been waiting for….

Week Four                                                            Initial 3.0

Weight: 150.1 pounds                                        Weight:  151.8 pounds

BMI:  28.4                                                               BMI:  28.7

Body Fat:  38.2%                                                   Body Fat:  39.1%

Waste:  36 1/2                                                      Waste:  38

Chest:  37                                                              Chest:  40

Steps:  6,545                                                         Steps:  N/A

Floors:  10.14                                                         Floors:  N/A

Week Four-ish                                                               Initial 3.0

Weight:  230.6 pounds                                          Weight:  234.2 pounds

BMI:  32.1                                                                  BMI:  32.7

Body Fat:  27.3%                                                     Body Fat:  27.9%

Waste:  39 3/4                                                         Waste:  42

Neck:  17                                                                  Neck:  17

Steps:  9,986                                                           Steps:  N/A

Floors:  4                                                                  Floors:  N/A

Fitness Profile

Another awesome week for me!!! Both days went smoothly. It can be pretty tempting to eat at the end of the night. An extra cup of water and thinking about how it would be a waste to end it when I am at the finish line helps. Plus, losing a pound every week helps as well. ūüôā I did the core program once this week because my extra set of hands has been very busy. I am hoping that I will be able to start it up again tomorrow.

Thing One¬†and¬†Thing Two¬†is what I have as far as nicknames go. I haven’t put much thought into it but I am ok with it for now.¬†Thing Two¬†did not follow the diet this week. It has been hard because he had pt days mixed in with two different test days. It was just easier to let him focus on those instead of bothering him about which days he was going to cut his calories and eat healthy. This week is his graduation from that class. Next week is probably when he will get back to it.¬†

Week Three                                                  Week Four

Weight: 152.9 pounds                                        Weight:  150.1 pounds

BMI:  28.9                                                                BMI:  28.4

Body Fat:  38.6%                                                   Body Fat:  38.2%

Waste:  37                                                             Waste:  36 1/2

Chest:  38 1/4                                                        Chest:  37

Steps:  6,334                                                         Steps:  6,546

Floors:  15.57                                                         Floors:  10.14

Week Three                                                               Week Four-ish

Weight:  231.2 pounds                                          Weight:  230.6 pounds

BMI:  32.23                                                                BMI:  32.1

Body Fat:  26.2%                                                     Body Fat:  27.3%

Waste:  41                                                                Waste:  39 3/4

Neck:  17 1/4                                                            Neck:  17

Steps:  6,271                                                           Steps:  9.986

Floors:  6.57                                                             Floors:  4

Fitness Profile

This has been an awesome week for me. My first fast went great but I didn’t wait until the morning for my second fast. I know I have said this enough by now but, can vegetables are really what contributes to my successful fast days. ¬†I will be trying my hand at eggs in the future. As far as eating whatever you want on your feed days, there is a limit. I blew it yesterday. I ate almost 4,000 calories on Saturday. I will be doing my best to stick to 2,500. At the very least keeping it under 3,000.

Dan only had one fast day last week. I am pretty sure he will only have one this upcoming week as well. If you have been following us so far, I am making a couple of changes. First, I will be working on coming up with some cool nicknames. Suggestions are not only welcome but encouraged. I could use the help. Next, our data will be color coded. The Green is me, the Blue is Nickname to be determined.  That way, if I do add someone to the blog, they can remain anonymous.

Week Two                                                  Week Three

Weight: 153.1 pounds                                        Weight:  152.9 pounds

BMI:  28.9                                                                BMI:  28.9

Body Fat:  38.7%                                                   Body Fat:  38.6%

Waste:  38                                                             Waste:  37

Chest:  39                                                                Chest:  38 1/4

Steps:  5,455                                                          Steps:  6,334

Floors:  14.1                                                           Floors:  15.57

Week Two                                                               Week Three

Weight:  231.5 pounds                                          Weight:  231.2 pounds

BMI:  32.3                                                                 BMI:  32.23

Body Fat:  28.6%                                                     Body Fat:  26.2%

Waste:  40 1/2                                                          Waste:  41

Neck:  17 1/4                                                            Neck:  17 1/4

Steps:  6,198                                                           Steps:  6,271

Floors:  7                                                                   Floors:  6.57