Greetings Curious One!

Thank you for stopping by my Blog. This is my journey from couch potato to an awesome accomplish er! My goal is all over personal development. The first project I have decided to tackle is my weight. You can check out my progress by clicking on the Fitness Profile category.  The second project I am working on is Conscious Creation. Positive thinking until everything is Zingsupertastic!

I am originally from New Jersey. After traveling during my 6 years of military service, I feel at home in Japan and England. Now that I am out, I have spent time in Illinois but currently live in Arizona. It is very beautiful and I am looking forward to hiking some trails.

I have recently started a Leader Building business. Helping people become their best selves everyday is rewarding. Learning and growing along the way as well. I will be writing more about that in the future.

I have varying interests across the board. Some of them are, writing, reading, watching movies and shows on Netflix, My Singing Monsters, martial arts, learning to be a bit more girly, English Bull Terriers, yoga, meditating, macrame bracelets, you tube, chess, connect four, bowling, poker, and much more.

My husband and I have been married for almost two years. I am sure I will feel the need to document my pre and post pregnancy journey. (Family members:  don’t freak out, we aren’t ready just yet.) We share our house with Roxie, the loving and energetic EBT. I will be filling out paperwork to get back into school soon. I am also saving money to start my journey of trading.

I am going to take a decent picture one of these days. When I do, I will add it here. 🙂

Thanks again for stopping by, and I hope that I have added some value to your life with my blog.

Cheers to you, life, and random projects.   ~Amanda

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