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Excited About 2015

     Hello Everybody! How is your 2015 so far? I am excited about this New Year. In fact, after my husband and I got home on the first, it was hard to keep quiet. I would walk around the house and proclaim, this is the 2015 version of Roxie! She is our crazy English Bull Terrier. I sat on the bed with her and told her that she was the upgraded 2015 model who was calmer and a better listener. I told my husband that I was the new 2015 model. I just couldn’t help but feel and express the clean slate that everyone had.

     It was a great feeling to know that I wasn’t ‘starting over.’ That I didn’t have any past mistakes to make up for. That I could start fresh, start a new race. Almost like moving and going to a new neighborhood and a new school. You didn’t have to be the person you were before. All you had to do was present yourself in a different way. No one knew your past faults and struggles. They would just know the you that they are meeting for the first time. They same way I ran around meeting the 2015 versions of everyone.

     My ‘resolutions’ for this year are mostly health related. I don’t think I am going to try anything extreme. I am going to start with the basics. Drink 8 glasses of water, avoid soda, and up my Fitbit step count. I think these are good goals to start with. As much as I love my soda, you know there is a problem when people say to you…. Hey, I saw a Pepsi machine and thought of you. Is that weird? Of course, my honest answer is, no. Quite a few people have associated me with the brand due to fact that I always drank Pepsi.

     If you ask any of my friends how many times I have tried to quit drinking Pepsi, they would have no idea. I’m almost certain that it must feel like I am in the process of quitting something old or starting something new, every other day. Kind of like Dug from the movie UP. I get excited about something. Plan it all out. Start or get ready to squirrel! You might even have a friend like me. You the one, who’s past, present, and future plans are everywhere but the real commitment and proof of accomplishment are nowhere to be found.

     I think it leaves us all in a strange place. It leaves them with, the feeling of You want me to support you in this new / old adventure for it to end in 2 weeks or less. I love you but, I do have better things to do with my time. It leaves me feeling a little down. All I was really looking for was a little support which I know can be exhausting when I’m unrelenting. It is definitely time to prove to myself and others that I am capable of accomplishing things on my own. Support is nice but being able to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps is better. Knowing that you have clean slate and don’t have to pull to hard is even better!


     Don’t let me sit here and sound like a victim! I have lots of support. For some strange reason, all of my friends are still my friends. After listening to me really quit soda this time or lose weight with a diet this way or win the lottery that way. They are really great and put up with a lot. Even my husband’s family has seen the crazy roller coaster and hasn’t convinced him to get rid of me yet. 😉 I even have a couple of friends who are also fighting the good fight. Caffeine in all its delicious forms be damned!

     I am certain that this year is the year of change. I am the new 2015 model after all. It might take me all year to really come to terms with soda. For once I am actually thinking about how it relates to time. I used to just go and give it up, that’s it, no more soda. It just hasn’t happened for me like that. I found an app in December called HabitBull. Right now, I think it is only for the Android but I’m sure they will move to Apple. In the two short weeks it has been on my phone I have managed one magical day. One whole day where I drank my 8 glasses of water and didn’t have a soda. It was December 28th. I remember because it was my little cousins birthday. (And a friend’s birthday!)

     I am willing to focus on my victory. I did it! Now I have a place to improve on. In the next two weeks, I would like to have 2 days of no soda and all water. Now it is time to do some math. Hang on… I’m not that great with math. If I maintain this pattern, I will have 7 days of no soda in a two-week period by April. This means I should be soda free by July 8, 2015! I will try to keep soda at bay except for big things like Thanksgiving and New Years. Can you imagine that? Not really drinking soda except for holiday celebrations?

     With this new and improved way of tackling an old habit, I might be able to apply it starting new ones as well. This blog has seen some craziness. This is one of my better posts for sure. I will focus on this victory too! I hope to write more consistently and start a you tube channel. That of course is the 2014 version trying to do everything at once. Settle down 2014, it is 2015’s turn and I can’t wait to see how it will all turn out.