Monthly Archives: July 2014

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful woman full of passion. jolting up from her plush bed she would say, “I’m awake.” After acknowledging her conscious state, she would identify the immediate things that made her happy. Leaving her bed, she bounced along while completing her morning routine. If this was a movie, you would hear I’m Walking On Sunshine.

The song fades as the dressed for the day woman sits at the table with a cup of tea and her planner. Taking stock of her to-dos. She smiles and takes a deep breath. Truly happy. The day was filled with love. Love for herself to start the day off right. Love for her pet with kind corrections and owning the Leading of the Pack role. Love for her husband to make time everyday for a real conversation. Love for her space by cleaning a little bit everyday. Love for her body by eating right and exercising. Love for stability by creating a routine. Love for adventure by doing something new / different twice a month. Love for her friends and family by connecting with them. Love for her mind by reading. Love for her spirit by meditating.

June 23

I recently told my husband that I want to get a Tiara. I know that I sound like a crazy person. I even laughed about it when I told him what I wanted. Making a chart to get a star sticker isn’t working. I need something shiny…. literally shiny to tempt me. Taking care of myself should be a no brainer habit. Right now, my only no brainer habit is vegging. I veg all day. Look up couch potato, and you will see a picture of the current me.

Tiara me is confident, in control, calm, clean, organized, wobble-free, happy, everything works out for me kind of woman.

We all have different selves / faces / personalities / dwarfs. Happy, Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Sneezy, Bashful, Potato, and Tiara.

Happy for me is desiving. I am happy vegging but I’m not really happy. I guess I have morphed happy into contentment. I don’t want to be content. I want to be happy, really happy. That is where the Tiara comes in. The tiara for me represents wobble-free or balance. Weebulls wobble but they don’t fall down. I don’t want to be down but I don’t want to be up either. (Afraid of heights) Balance, Serenity, Inner Peace. It is being calm in every situation. Now, this is not control. I have lots of control on the couch. I am ready to let go of control. I am ready to be free.

I would wear it everywhere! Especially after an article I read about tiaras. There is a woman who wears her tiara while cycling around London. I was comforted by her acceptance. I wish I could say that I would have worn a tiara everywhere and not care what anyone else thinks. She is still out and about so I should get away with it too.

I love my husband so I won’t where it everywhere. I am looking into alternatives like a ring or a headband. I am leaning twords the headband though.

Oh, back to the being in control, but royalty wears tiaras. I am the Queen of my Castle. As Queen of the Castle, I should look like one, act like one, calm, control, clean, kind. Kind to myself and others.

I googled the words Tiara Psychology and I didn’t like what I saw. Mostly about how awful it is the let children compete in the beauty pageant world. I don’t look at it that way at all. I see it as an object that represents success as well as commanding / influential. I have the power to influence my own thoughts and behaviors. I don’t think I am crazy. I am different, unique, and the world loves different.

Examples of Different: Albert Einstein, Lucille Ball,

If wearing a tiara everyday makes me crazy, then fine. It shouldn’t bother me since, the crazy part of my life is that…. I’m kind of crazy already. Not taking care of personal hygiene, is crazy. Not wanting to go anywhere without my husband, is crazy. Diving into a new hobby every week, is crazy. Everyday looking like yesterday, is crazy. If looking like a crazy person will make me less crazy / wobble-free, I say bring on the balance. Bring me my Tiara!