Monthly Archives: May 2014

Sore and aching, she dragged  herself out of bed. When she passed by the bathroom mirror she assessed her body. Badly bruised mostly around the mid section and ego. Wrapping a dark blue robe around before starting the day. Breakfast consisted of soda, junk food, and a large portion of self-pity. The rest of the day is divided between planing to do something or doing nothing.

It had been a while since she visited her office. Dust covered her old passions like a lid over toys in storage. She ran her index finger across a large book that was on her desk. Gold letters appeared in the dust free line. Taking a deep breath and blew. Nothing happened, just like the balloons she had once tried to inflate. Damn balloons. Discarding that memory, she sacrificed a fuzzy sleeve to the cause and uncovered the title.

     Life and Random Projects

     Inspired by a video to make the smallest things a victory, she felt accomplished. Her house didn’t noticed the shift in vibration after one book was reclaimed from the dark. Although she felt it, she had no idea that this small action would cascade into many actions. Armed with old and new knowledge, she went about the rest of her day like nothing happened.


   This video is kind of long at a whopping 25 minutes. Lots of good stuff. I am going to cut back on all my projects. This doesn’t mean that I won’t get to my big list. I just figured out the big three things I really need to be working on. Then, at the end of each week I will take stock and celebrate. Winning feels good. Even if your goal is to simply put on your work out clothes 5 days a week. You may not have made it to the gym but you accomplished your goal, and that feels good. 🙂