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Week One-Ish V.S. Week Two-Ish

Another 7:0 week for us. The only thing that changed this week is steps. Inspired to be #1 this month in a Fitbit group that I am in. I am happy to report that I am currently #1. I will try to keep the lead and continue my 12k or better average. Badass Stepping! That is what I am proud of this week for sure.

This week will be more awesome. ūüôā


Week One-Ish                                                         Week Two-Ish

Weight: 158 pounds                                        Weight:  158.6 pounds

BMI:  29.9                                                            BMI:  30

Body Fat:  39.3%                                               Body Fat:  40.3%

Waste:  39 inches                                             Waste:  39 inches

Chest:  38 1/2  inches                                       Chest:  39 1/4 inches

Steps:  7,297                                                       Steps:  12,654

Floors:  2.7                                                            Floors:  1.7

         Week One-Ish                                                            Week Two-Ish

Weight:  238.5 pounds                                          Weight:  238.5 pounds

BMI:  33.2                                                                  BMI:  33.2

Body Fat:  29.3%                                                     Body Fat:  29.3%

Waste:  41  inches                                                 Waste:  41 1/2 inches

Neck:  17 1/2 inches                                               Neck:  17 1/2 inches

Steps:  9,585                                                            Steps:  10,606

Floors:  6                                                                   Floors:  6.2



Definitions matter. We have the need to label everything. Tag things in a box with a common name that everyone else will understand. Like with like. It is part of the communication process. Understanding each other and finding people with similar interests and backgrounds is comforting. Despite these familiar feelings, each word still means something a little different to each person.

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, success is defined as:

1: obsolete : outcome, result
2 a : degree or measure of succeeding
b : favorable or desired outcome; also : the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence
3: one that succeeds

When you see that word:   Success  what pictures does your brain conjure up? Is it getting a good grade? Spending time with family? Providing a comfortable living for your family? Managing a large project at work? Doing what you love and getting paid to do it?

We all want to succeed at the things that are important to us. The first step than is to decide. Decide what is important and what you truly want. As of this post, my To Do list is full, random, and without real direction. The reason for that is that I haven’t made a decision. The only way to get to where you want to go is to have directions. Having a clear map with step by step or day by day instructions will help you get there.



What is the best way to success?

It seems like everyone these days is trying to get you to buy their method to success. Let’s say you follow through, and are unhappy when you get the finish line. If you are unhappy, would you call yourself successful? I know I wouldn’t. In this case, just like everyone has their own definitions, than everyone has their own map. We don’t need to get caught up in what our family and friends think we should do. We need to take the time, and draw our own map to success.

How to draw your own map?

The first part is easy. You already know what you want so make a list. I think better when my pen glides across paper. You might be more comfortable typing or recording your voice. Either way, it is time to list out all your wants. Travel to another country, learning a new language or how to play a particular instrument, retire in the next 10 years, start a face painting business. There is nothing to outrageous when it comes to your list. It is all your own!  A list of one hundred is a good start. You will change your mind here and there as you grow but you can always edit it as you flow through life.

Now, you take your list, and divide it between Long Term and Short Term. Deciding what is more important to you will help see what you want to do this year. You keep narrowing your focus until it is so sharp, you not only know what you’re doing today, but know that it is helping you accomplish your Success Map.

This weeks Definitions That Design Challenge:  Make your list and break it into small pieces.

~Cheers to you, life, and random projects~

Fitness Profile

Initial Z V.S. Week One-Ish

This is Week One-ish only because my husband did a 6:2 week this week. With the progression away from Initial land, it will help get my gears going because he will leave me in his dust if I don’t. Update on his fitness. First, I have to define a term: mock pt test. The mock test is given about a month before the ‘real’ pt test. After they gave him a mock pt test, he failed. He started going to pt everyday. This month he has a ‘special duty’ type job so he won’t going to his regular job this month. I don’t think he will be able to pt everyday at this other job.

I kept to my 7:0 diet this week. The only thing that I did differently is that, I have been drinking more water. I also added a decent amount of steps on my Fitbit. I will be adding those daily averages again. I am positive that those numbers will go up every week because I like seeing the change happen on the blog. My hubby doesn’t really see my blog unless I show him so he won’t have as much motivation about that as I will.

Crazy Lady Side Note:  I recently purchased The Science of Deliberate Creation: Abraham-Hicks Daily Planning Calendar and Study Group Workbook. It is basically a page a day, undated calendar that you can start the first of whatever month you choose. I have been using it for the last two days now. I like the fact that there are two columns. The first column is  8 am to 5:30 pm so you can fill in your appointments. The second column is listing what you really want. Reminding my self of all those things has made me pretty happy and positive.

Sane Man Side Note: ¬†He doesn’t listen to all that crazy stuff.

Initial Z                                                           Week One-Ish

Weight: 156 pounds                                        Weight:  158 pounds

BMI:  29.5                                                               BMI:  29.9

Body Fat:  40.1%                                                  Body Fat:  39.3%

Waste:  38 inches                                               Waste:  39 inches

Chest:  41  inches                                                Chest:  38 1/2 inches

Steps:  N/A                                                            Steps:  7,297

Floors:  N/A                                                            Floors:  2.7

          Initial Z                                                            Week One-Ish

Weight:  234.8 pounds                                          Weight:  238.5 pounds

BMI:  32.7                                                                  BMI:  33.2

Body Fat:  30.7%                                                     Body Fat:  29.3%

Waste:  41 3/4 inches                                            Waste:  41 inches

Neck:  17 1/2 inches                                               Neck:  17 1/2 inches

Steps:  N/A                                                                Steps:  9,585

Floors:  N/A                                                                Floors:  6