Lazy, Thing, Cleaning


Hello everybody, My name is Amanda.   *Hi Amanda*  And I am lazy. *light claps*

I am sorry for being such a slacker. I recently jumped on the scale and saw a number dangerously close to 160 pounds!!!!! My motivation for getting back to the 5:2 diet has shot past need to do is hanging out with already working on next weeks initial fitness profile for Sunday. I already have a title for it. Hint:  Initial


Everyone has a ‘thing.’  WordPress is cool for writing but I still need a thing. Yes, I have the 5:2 diet thing. That will only last as long as I am looking to lose some weight and buy new clothes. Once I look awesome, I will need a real thing. I turn to You Tube for inspiration and tips. In regards to my messy house, I watch a lot of Clean My Space videos. Check out this Party Clean up video in honor of Super Bowl Sunday:   Sooooo, Cleaning is their ‘thing.’ Once I find my thing, it will make writing every week easy peasy.


Thanks to the You Tube channel mentioned above… I am super excited to start cleaning! No, really, I am not kidding. I will be taking some super gross before pictures. I am sure I will get plenty of not very nice comments on them. (If any) But, I will endure to help inspire other slobs like me. Believe it or not, getting started is the worst part. It is easier to say fuck it, everything else is a mess anyway. I have done this on plenty of occasions. Once I do a deep clean all over, I will be working on getting a good cleaning schedule. After those two things have been done, and the schedule followed… I will have a house to be proud of.



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