Power Of Letting Go

Just Drop It

It sounds so easy right? Just to drop it, let it go, get on with your life. Some days it is easier than others. For certain subjects that are close to you, it can be even harder. What if you are struggling with something that happened years ago? It may seem silly on the outside, but very real emotions on the inside.

I listened to some audio from Jim Britt the other day. It was all about the power of letting go. He said a couple of things about the things we carry with us. The first was that it isn’t on our shoulders dragging us down. In fact, we hold on to these things. It is a cool thing to realize because if we choose to hold on to it, we can choose to let it go.

I hope to master that one day in the future. I imagine seeing a world full of solutions instead of trying to maintain the illusion of control. I can think of a couple of situations that all worked out once I stopped trying to figure it all out. Stopped getting in my own way. Even talking about letting go makes me feel more free. Free from worry and doubt. Free to really do the things I want to do. I am excited about Jim Britt and Jim Lutes new project. I can’t wait for the launch. I look forward to gaining some new ideas.

You can check the project out here: http://334258.teamquanta.com

A quote a friend shared on Facebook: “My set backs may have amused you, but my comebacks are going to confuse you.”

Cheers to you, life, random projects and the closing of 2013.

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