I Will Write An Ebook


In the digital age, ereaders and reading apps on phones have become the go to for when you are on the go. I have thought about downsizing my physical book collection with a cloud version for some time now. With Christmas around the corner, I started thinking about how I would spend my gift cards. I was browsing Amazon and found something disgustingly awesome.

People are stupid. People buy ebooks anywhere from $1 to $15 on the high-end. The more expensive ones tend to be from authors who have been cranking out a book a year. I eventually stumbled across the DIYers. I couldn’t find an ‘ebook’ that was more than 40 pages. Then add insult to injury, some of those people want me to pay pretty much a dollar per page! Seriously, even our own OM from Harsh Reality. I’m not even mad. He is taking advantage of an opportunity. I would also like to take advantage of this same opportunity.

It is healthy to be grateful for the wonderful things in your life. Today I am thankful for stupid people because they make the world go round. Maybe one day, I will be confronted by someone who purchased one of my ebooks and found this post calling them out. I will be straight forward right now: No, I am not giving you a refund. You want your money back? Then I suggest you write an ebook that is at least 10 or so pages because any idiot can do that. Just keep writing until one day, stupid people will buy your ebooks too.

Update: December 26th…  I made OM mad. http://aopinionatedman.com/2013/12/24/fake-amazon-reviews-merry-christmas-not/  I like how, I’m not even worth it. (Just ignore the post dedicated to me) I just checked Amazon and the review was deleted. I don’t know if that was Amazon deleting it because I didn’t purchase the ebook or if enough people found it… NOT helpful.

The saga continues friends: http://aopinionatedman.com/2013/12/26/people-are-stupid-you-are-dumb/    Riddle me this… when did I ever say I hated anything? I merely pointed out how stupid people are willing to pay a lot of money for nothing. Somehow, OM seems to think this was all just an attack on him. Buck up OM, you can protect yourself from imaginary haters. Maybe that’s the real reason why he hasn’t published a ‘real’ book. You have to have thick skin to hear no over and over before you get a yes.

P.S.  Thank you for making me look good.

Another Update:  After consulting with my brain trust, I realize that the initial review was very troll like. I am sorry for any harm that I caused. This has been an interesting experience and I hope to put what I learned into practice.

  1. Leaving fake reviews is lame. Troll elsewhere, your comments won’t be allowed on my blog anymore. Take care.

    • Sorry you got butt hurt. I hope you grow thicker skin in future. Have a good one.

      • Sorry you are jealous others can sell their writing. Maybe one day you will write something worth buying… and reading.

  2. Two things. One you aren’t the only troll I deal with on a daily basis. Two, get a life and stop linking to my site. Find a new blog to follow.

    • Two things. One I don’t think you understand the word troll. Two, get a life and stop ‘coming back to a site you hate.’

      • I don’t have to go to your site to reply… duh?

      • Going around rating down ebooks you never bought or read is trolling. You are bound to make a ton of friends on WordPress. Good job!

      • Thank you. 🙂

      • You are welcome. Always willing to educate people.

      • Dude your bashing a noob for an opinion, explain to her the ebook making & selling process and end it all on good terms.

      • No thanks. I am letting her know that it is trolling to go around and randomly rate down people’s ebooks if you didn’t read or buy it. That isn’t a noob mistake, that is just a shady thing to do. Any decent human would know that.

      • At least I leave your comments. Its easy to see why all of your sheep like you. You weed out the ones you don’t like.

      • If you mean I get rid of trolls like you from my blog, you are correct. Enjoy talking and writing to whoever it is you write to. Ta ta.

  3. Thank you Mr. Stark but I will wait until I have actually written something before I need to know all that. 🙂

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