Week Four

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Another awesome week for me!!! Both days went smoothly. It can be pretty tempting to eat at the end of the night. An extra cup of water and thinking about how it would be a waste to end it when I am at the finish line helps. Plus, losing a pound every week helps as well. 🙂 I did the core program once this week because my extra set of hands has been very busy. I am hoping that I will be able to start it up again tomorrow.

Thing One and Thing Two is what I have as far as nicknames go. I haven’t put much thought into it but I am ok with it for now. Thing Two did not follow the diet this week. It has been hard because he had pt days mixed in with two different test days. It was just easier to let him focus on those instead of bothering him about which days he was going to cut his calories and eat healthy. This week is his graduation from that class. Next week is probably when he will get back to it. 

Week Three                                                  Week Four

Weight: 152.9 pounds                                        Weight:  150.1 pounds

BMI:  28.9                                                                BMI:  28.4

Body Fat:  38.6%                                                   Body Fat:  38.2%

Waste:  37                                                             Waste:  36 1/2

Chest:  38 1/4                                                        Chest:  37

Steps:  6,334                                                         Steps:  6,546

Floors:  15.57                                                         Floors:  10.14

Week Three                                                               Week Four-ish

Weight:  231.2 pounds                                          Weight:  230.6 pounds

BMI:  32.23                                                                BMI:  32.1

Body Fat:  26.2%                                                     Body Fat:  27.3%

Waste:  41                                                                Waste:  39 3/4

Neck:  17 1/4                                                            Neck:  17

Steps:  6,271                                                           Steps:  9.986

Floors:  6.57                                                             Floors:  4

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  1. Mom said:

    Great Job Sweetie!!

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