Projects Update

Where I am at:  the 5:2 diet has been successful.  I intend to keep pushing forward. The Posture Project will officially start today.  Instead of 90 days, it will be a weekday thing. One of the benefits of the core program is that you will lose inches because it is helping you get toned. I guess we will see how much of a difference it makes. Project House has also been given a push in the right direction. I will break it down.

I counted all the rooms and added the garage and backyard to a list. My list has 18 focus areas. I will take on one everyday for the next two weeks. If I can do two smaller areas in a day, I will be able to finish in 14 days instead of 18. I have given myself a December 17th deadline.

I have already picked out the first two focus areas to be done tomorrow. With each room, I will start with the stuff that is obviously trash. Once that is done, I will start the deep cleaning. When everything smells like cleaning products, I will probably take a break. I will pick back up with organizing.

Organizing will start with three designated boxes. One for donating, one for more trash, and one for keeping. Then the real fun begins. I will keep everything in the keep box. If I need to use something, I will take it out. At the end of 90 days, whatever is left in the keep box will find a new home in the donation box.

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