Fitness Profile Week Three

Fitness Profile

This has been an awesome week for me. My first fast went great but I didn’t wait until the morning for my second fast. I know I have said this enough by now but, can vegetables are really what contributes to my successful fast days.  I will be trying my hand at eggs in the future. As far as eating whatever you want on your feed days, there is a limit. I blew it yesterday. I ate almost 4,000 calories on Saturday. I will be doing my best to stick to 2,500. At the very least keeping it under 3,000.

Dan only had one fast day last week. I am pretty sure he will only have one this upcoming week as well. If you have been following us so far, I am making a couple of changes. First, I will be working on coming up with some cool nicknames. Suggestions are not only welcome but encouraged. I could use the help. Next, our data will be color coded. The Green is me, the Blue is Nickname to be determined.  That way, if I do add someone to the blog, they can remain anonymous.

Week Two                                                  Week Three

Weight: 153.1 pounds                                        Weight:  152.9 pounds

BMI:  28.9                                                                BMI:  28.9

Body Fat:  38.7%                                                   Body Fat:  38.6%

Waste:  38                                                             Waste:  37

Chest:  39                                                                Chest:  38 1/4

Steps:  5,455                                                          Steps:  6,334

Floors:  14.1                                                           Floors:  15.57

Week Two                                                               Week Three

Weight:  231.5 pounds                                          Weight:  231.2 pounds

BMI:  32.3                                                                 BMI:  32.23

Body Fat:  28.6%                                                     Body Fat:  26.2%

Waste:  40 1/2                                                          Waste:  41

Neck:  17 1/4                                                            Neck:  17 1/4

Steps:  6,198                                                           Steps:  6,271

Floors:  7                                                                   Floors:  6.57

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