Unappreciated Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving

We see it in our stores and in our suburbs. Halloween decorations come down while Christmas decorations go up. As I type this there are only two houses that are decorated and they do not match. Picture a giant inflatable turkey donning a pilgrim hat on the lawn directly in front of you. And to your left you will see red and green lights strewn across a couple of bushes and matching bulbs for the garage lights. It makes me sad because as far as importance goes, Thanksgiving is on the top of the list.

If Christmas is the spirit of giving, then Thanksgiving is the spirit of already being happy with what you have. If you don’t take a minute now and then to be grateful for all the awesome things in your life, then you give way to feelings of lack. When you feel lack, you want, and when you want, Christmas turns into the spirit of getting. I hope everyone takes today to really think about what they are thankful for. It is easy to say, ‘I’m thankful for my family. Now let’s eat!’

It is 3:57 am right now. I am going to spend the rest of the day adding to this list. I promise it will just be a straight forward list. It will probably look similar to your list or your sisters list and you know what… I would be ecstatic that they made a list! I apologize in advance because a good portion of my list will be food. Now you can’t say I didn’t warn you. Also, it isn’t in a particular order. Don’t get mad because I said I was grateful for 20 something things before I mention a sibling or two. πŸ˜›

List of things I am thankful for… 2013

  1. My healthy body
  2. Dan ❀
  3. Roxie
  4. Balls… for Roxie… our dog… mind in the gutter!
  5. Cheese Steak Hoagies!
  6. Turkey
  7. The house we rent
  8. Internet
  9. Electricity
  10. Heat / Cool
  11. Our pool
  12. Dad
  13. Mom
  14. Jessica
  15. Robert
  16. Nikki
  17. John-John (we don’t call him that any more)
  18. Mother in Law… the coolest ever
  19. Father in Law… the coolest ever
  20. Brother in Law… We are more alike then I want to admit
  21. My comfortable bed
  22. The best comforter in the world
  23. The three pillows that I sleep with
  24. My laptop
  25. Pepsi
  26. Books
  27. Movies
  28. Water
  29. My bathtub
  30. Rain
  31. Clouds on a really sunny day
  32. Trees rock … so what, I have hugged a couple of them
  33. The best car, 2012 Lime Squeeze Green Ford Escape
  34. Our soul eating couches
  35. My desk
  36. My pens and paper.
  37. My cell phone
  38. cell phone service
  39. Texting!
  40. Music
  41. Sister
  42. Post Card Sister
  43. Little Chick
  44. Stars
  45. Hot Chocolate
  46. Tea
  47. Coffee
  48. Rainbows
  49. Parks with swings
  50. Our awesome neighbors
  51. Our awesome neighborhood
  52. My clothes (this would be last on Dan’s list)
  53. My shoes
  54. Toilet paper
  55. Tampons and pads… leaves would suck
  56. Our bathrooms
  57. My ipod
  58. All my Aunt’s and Uncle’s
  59. Cousins
  60. My Step Mom
  61. Blessings in disguise
  62. My grammar Nazi (he doesn’t know about my blog yet. It would give him a headache)
  63. My ‘boyfriends’
  64. Dan’s crazy friends
  65. All the countries I have been too
  66. CoCo’s!!! We will meet again one day
  67. The rest of my crazy friends
  68. The ocean
  69. Bob, you may not be physical yet, but when revolution happens you will be our safe haven
  70. Our survivalist, if you don’t have one, you will be the first to perish. More food and water for us….
  71. To the people who perish first.
  72. Sex Β πŸ˜‰
  73. My Fitbit
  74. Sleep
  75. Microwave ❀
  76. Refrigerator
  77. Dishwasher
  78. Washer and Dryer
  79. Safe planes
  80. Safe transportation in general
  81. Food banks
  82. Medicine
  83. Education
  84. Everyone that had / has to work today
  85. Fast food
  86. Traffic lights because no ones brother should drive that way
  87. Beef Bowls
  88. To numbers 1, 25, 26, 56, 57, and 65 because I could easily add another 30 to this list
  89. Sunscreen
  90. Uncle Rob and Uncle Terry… thoughts and love to the men I wish I could’ve known better
  91. All my grandparents
  92. Anything else I forgot πŸ™‚

What are you thankful for? Something funny? Serious? Something not on my list? It is now 5 am. I know that today is going to busy for everyone. Running around visiting family and friends. Trying to save room because you have to eat at the next house too. Just try to set aside a couple of minutes to look at what you have. I have over 100 things to be thankful for. I am so privileged to have so many wonderful people and things in my life. I bet you are too. πŸ™‚

Cheers to you, life, random projects, NaBloPoMo Day Twenty Eight, and Turkey Day!!

  1. Mom said:

    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for
    You too!!
    Love Mom

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