Chicken Nugget Night

It is chicken nugget night at our house. We have BDubs honey bbq sauce to go with it. It makes me miss awesome sauce. I love awesome sauce but it isn’t for everybody. Awesome sauce it sweet. I first had it about two years ago. Since we can’t find it stores, we have turned to the online market place.

Bouncing around on google, I learned that it was a new product at the end of 2007. If I were to introduce a bbq sauce to the world, I would start in spring not fall. That way, when the summer comes around, everyone will be ready to try it. Anyway, the real name of awesome sauce is Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce.

I wrote all that yesterday. I was planing on adding my comments from Mondays Voice but… that didn’t happen. The only comment I really had was that Matthew sounded a little off. I’m pretty sure that his voice was just a little tired. I didn’t end up voting because I love everybody. 

Today my neighbour asked me to babysit her cats for a couple of days. I am actually excited about it. They are very cute. I will stop by in the morning just to say hello. At night is when they get half a can of wet food. It is only for three and half days. I am a little upset with my self because I missed it. Right, before I left she asked me if I had a favourite character. I thought about it, and told her Tinkerbell. It wasn’t until later that I realized why she asked. She is probably planing on getting me something small with Tink on it to say thank you.

That is something Dan and I would do. Why I didn’t put two and two together sooner.. I actually is my fast day. I ate big can of green beans for a whole 140 calories. I have had water the rest of the day. When she offered me a glass of wine and to hang out until her family got home, I said sure. I bet I would have noticed, and said… no, not really.

Cheers to you, life, random projects, NaBloPoMo Day Twentysix, and my the late twenty-five.

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