Fitness Profile Week Two

Fitness Profile

Week One for Amanda                                                  Week Two for Amanda

Weight:  154.4 pounds                                        Weight:  153.1 pounds

BMI:  29.2                                                                BMI:  28.9

Body Fat:  38.4%                                                   Body Fat:  38.7%

Waste:  36                                                             Waste:  38

Chest:  38                                                                Chest:  39

Steps:  5,303                                                          Steps:  5,455

Floors:  13.8                                                            Floors:  14.1

Week One for Dan                                                         Week Two for Dan

Weight:  229.1 pounds                                           Weight:  231.5 pounds

BMI:  31.9                                                                  BMI:  32.3

Body Fat:  26.7%                                                     Body Fat:  28.6%

Waste:  40 1/2                                                          Waste:  40 1/2

Neck:  17 1/2                                                            Neck:  17 1/4

Steps:  6,270                                                           Steps:  6,198

Floors:  5.8                                                               Floors:  7

Week Two-ish

This week we did not do the 5:2 diet. This week we did the 6:1 diet. Dan stuck to his one day, but had skittles his second day. My second fast day went slightly better. I had stayed up all night, so I slept all day. When i found out he cheated already, I begged to go to Federico’s. We got food around 5 pm so I went 16 hours without eating. Two tacos, beans, and rice filled me up. Overall, not the best week for us. The boys are playing video games so we didn’t watch the game today.

I think I am going to start keeping an actual food log. I usually log it on the Fitbit website. On days that I eat mostly junk food, I call it a cheat day. My cheat day is 3,000 calories. I don’t think that is accurate. I wish my step buddy would stick with me. She back slid this week. It happens sometimes. I have, lots of times. I am at that point where I am ready to up my step average every week. I want to help her at the same time. I thought it would be cool if we worked on the same goal.


Cheers to you, life, random projects, and NaBloPoMo Day Twenty-four!

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