Learn How To Get Everything You Want

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We have all heard the phrase ‘Anything you believe, you can achieve.’ They tell you that you can be whatever you want to be when you are a kid. They don’t tell you how, and They don’t give good examples of who has done it. (Unless you know how to look) That is of course, (of course!) until now.

It all started a couple of months ago. Nothing fancy, a friend shared a quote from some page and I liked it. I liked it so much I went to that page and poked around. The page had a small video about a book called ‘The Map’ by Boni Lonnsburry. Curiosity:  I must know more… show me more! With that, I surfed on to Amazon to check it out. Bought the book. 

The book is exactly as it sounds. It is a very clear map of each step to take. Take a wrong turn by mistake? No worries, it also tells you how to get back on track. It is more and less than the law of attraction. Its more than sprinkle fairy dust and think a happy thought. It will show you what I believe to be how to actually get what you want in life. It is called Conscious Creation. Just like a Reese’s, there is no wrong way to get there.

Boni tells her story of how it started off with a bucket full of lemons and now she enjoys sweet tea. No lemons. Now we are all human with human emotions and we are bound to not feel great 100% of the time. I’m referring to the big stuff. Having the life you dream about.

Several months and a webinar later, I am still not following the method to a T. Despite that, I know it is working. I stopped about a month ago. Picked up a blog, to help myself get better at writing and random projects. I figured having random readers would hold me accountable. I recently went back to some of the things I wanted to work on. Two things popped out at me. 1. Becoming a better writer is easy  2. I wanted to write everyday. It’s funny how energy vibrating in the background can push you forward… even without you realizing it is happening. If you could learn how to use that energy to push your self forward, would you?

I intend to look at my intentions more often. 😉  I have talked to a couple of close friends and family members about purchasing this mind-blowing book. I know it isn’t for everybody but I see the potential gift it could be. I plan on getting one for my mom. If I was Oprah, or any other name associated with abundance, I would give everyone a copy. I am not there yet. I can only insist that you check it out.

I am done rambling on about how awesome this is. If you are curious to learn how to walk into that dream life you have always imagined: http://livealifeyoulove.com/   is the place for you. 

Cheers to you, life, random projects, NaBloPoMo Day Twenty-two, and Disney becoming reality.

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