If I Win the Forever Prize

$7,000 a Week for Life

On November 26th, the Prize Patrol from Publishers Clearing House will be well on its way to delivering a big check. That is right, a big check to my door. (Keep your fingers crossed) When I open the door, I will probably pinch myself just to make sure I am awake. They will ask me my name. Once they are sure I am the one they are looking for, they will tell me I won and turn the check around.

With great power comes great responsibility. I feel that a large sum of money should be handled responsibly. It would be ridiculous to have that much money flowing in, and be in debt. Unless you just recently received the amazing prize and are beginning to pay it all off. I am lucky to not be in so much debt that it would take years of that kind of money to dig me out.

My plan is to set aside $7,000 a month for taxes. That will leave me with $252,000 a year to work with. In the first year alone, my husband and I would be able to pay off both cars, fill our emergency fund, one year of all of our bills, a couple of thousand for toys, and still have $15,000 left over to help our immediate family. Can you imagine being able to do everything you want, and still have money left over? What a great feeling.

Years 2015 and 2016 will be saved minus enough money to pay all our bills. In 2017, we will move into our dream house. The next four years after that, Dan will be working on perfecting his craft in automotive / diesel arena. Since we will already be set for life, and he will be working for extra play money, this would be the time to have babies. He would eventually open his own garage. In 21 short years we would be ready to kick the little birds from the next.

In another decade or so, I would encourage my hubby to let someone else primarily handle the business. Possibly sell it, or hang on to it if one of the kids are interested in taking it over one day. Then we would live happily ever after between our house and our favourite vacation sites. We would probably travel two or three times a year.

What would you do with $7,000 a week for life?

Cheers to you, life, random projects, NaBloPoMo Day Twenty-one, and abundance for all!!!


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