Fitness Profile Week One 2.0

Fitness Profile

2.0 for Amanda                                                  Week One for Amanda

Weight:  153.8 pounds                                        Weight:  154.4 pounds

BMI:  29.1                                                                BMI:  29.2

Body Fat:  37.3%                                                   Body Fat:  38.4%

Waste:  37.5                                                           Waste:  36

Chest:  39                                                                Chest:  38

Steps:  5,174                                                          Steps:  5,303

Floors:  12.4                                                            Floors:  13.8

2.0 for Dan                                                         Week One for Dan

Weight:  231.1 pounds                                           Weight:  229.1 pounds

BMI:  32.2                                                                  BMI:  31.9

Body Fat:  24.7%                                                     Body Fat:  26.7%

Waste:  41                                                               Waste:  40 1/2

Neck:  17                                                                  Neck:  17 1/2

Steps:  N/A                                                               Steps:  6,270

Floors:  N/A                                                              Floors:  5.8

Change In Plans

This week we tried something a little different and it didn’t pan out. Instead of doing our fast days during a regular twenty-four hour window, we started our fast day the day before. If we stopped eating at 9 pm at night, 9:01 pm we would stuff our faces. Everyone’s body is different and who knows if that approach will work better for you. All I know is that this week our fast will start at night, and only end the morning of the following day.

We also split our calories, instead of eating just one meal. They way I have been eating, I might be able to chance that. If you choose to split your calories, having eggs or something with protein in the morning is best. Protein will help make you feel fuller longer.

In other news, Da Bears rocked it in overtime. With McCown doing such an awesome job, I think the #12 Jersey will be the next to be added. We only got to watch overtime but it looked like it was a good game. Before I go to bed tonight, I will be packing boxes of clothes we don’t wear. Dan will be taking it to work with him. They will be sending them to the Philippines.

Cheers to you, life, random projects, and NaBloPoMo Day Seventeen!

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