Tonight we decided to go to Federico’s Mexican Food. Opened 24 hours, which is good for people who take forever to figure out what they want. Seeing how it was my second time eating there, I wouldn’t have a go to favorite. Wrong! I am in love with the Number 20: The Chimichanga Plate. Shredded beef, deep-fried, and covered in sour cream and guacamole. What’s not to love?

Being a Pepsi person, I was happy to see the Pepsi fountain. I become instantly bias simply because of that. Let’s face it, it is pretty rare to see a Pepsi fountain. I can think of only three off the top of my head.  Need some examples…

Potter’s Place:  I said I’ll have a coke. Our waiter said we carry Pepsi, is that ok? OK??? OK? I told him that he would be my best friend! For the rest of the time he was there, we were.

Giordano”s:  Open the menu to see Pepsi. Even though I was full on appetizers, and shared a slice of pizza… I thought it was awesome.

Freddy’s:  Frozen Custard and steakburgers… amazing chilli cheese fry’s, doo opp music, friendly staff, and Pepsi! Note: This is an update on November 22nd.

Cheers to you, life, random project, NaBloPoMo Day Sixteen, and Number 20 in my belly.

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