The Sound

Squish like your sneakers when they are soaked through, only it wasn’t my sneakers. In fact, it was my ear. Gross! Kind of like a wet finger in your ear, only it wasn’t a finger. In fact, it was my husbands tongue.  Ewww! Unlike your dog lovingly slobbering half-hazardly all over your face and ears. This was direct and filled with mischievous intent.

I didn’t enjoy the super wet willy, but he won’t either. 😉

The Game

You just lost… you’re welcome. Two can play at this game. *clears throat* Bwah ha ha ha Bwah ha ha ha haaaaaaa. Maybe you guys can help me out with a different game. It is called, Should my husband wait to see what ebay does and sell it? or Should he just open his new toy? The poll will be up for one week. 🙂 Thank you for voting in advance!


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