Fitness Profile Initial 2.0

Fitness Profile

Initial for Amanda                                                  2.0 for Amanda

Weight:  156.1 pounds                                        Weight:  153.8 pounds

BMI:  29.5                                                                BMI:  29.1

Body Fat:  39.7%                                                   Body Fat:  37.3%

Waste:  36.25                                                        Waste:  37.5

Chest:  39.5                                                            Chest:  39

Steps:  N/A                                                              Steps:  5,174

Floors:  N/A                                                              Floors:  12.4

Initial for Dan                                                         2.0 for Dan

Weight:  230 pounds                                             Weight:  231.1 pounds

BMI:  32.1                                                                  BMI:  32.2

Body Fat:  26.4%                                                     Body Fat:  24.7%

Waste:  42                                                               Waste:  41

Neck:  17.75                                                            Neck:  17

Steps:  N/A                                                               Steps:  N/A

Floors:  N/A                                                              Floors:  N/A

Happy Sunday

Dan hasn’t been wearing his Fitbit so I can’t count his lack of steps. Watching the end of the Bears game. Really wish they had just taken Cutler out and put McCown in sooner. I have to get ready for the rest of the week. I have a good feeling that it will be a successful week. I will be working on getting my family Fitbits this week. I don’t think they will get them until next month. I want to get my Dad the Force but they are back ordered. Once he gets his, I will try to add his profile to the blog. That means he will have to weight in every Sunday and take his measurements.

One of my friends made me feel guilty and then asked me for some help. Making me feel bad about something and then asking me for help with an unrelated thing. That makes it hard to focus on helping. I am going to help and try to fix the other situation but come on man, probably should have brought it up later.

Cheers to you, life, random projects, NaBloPoMo Day Ten, and the bubble bath in my future.

  1. Hello good blog! Dude. Exceptional. Wonderful. I’ll take note of your web site and take the provides nourishment to additionally? Now i’m happy to obtain many practical info in this article while in the create, we end up needing acquire extra techniques about this reverence, many thanks expressing.

    • Hello Find Out Here!!! Glad to hear you like my blog. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. I will add recipes of what we eat on our 5:2 days once we get more consistent.

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