Down to the Wire

Crunch Time

     It is 11:08 pm and I am just getting to my blog. It might be time for time management to be a priority. Had a busy day and I must say it was awesome. I talked with one of my close friends while racking up a lot of steps. Took Roxie to her first class. I was running a little late but for a good reason. Later, I got to watch the Voice. (My nerd made it!!)


     I have a large list of things I want to do masquerading as priorities. I haven’t actually managed them. I think I will spend part of tomorrow fleshing those out and picking the top five. We have fallen off the 5:2 diet. Next week will be Initial Fitness Profile 2.0. I am going to change it to Sunday instead of Monday. Also, I will be looking into how to make two columns for easy comparison from week to week. While my thinking cap is on, I will be thinking about what to post Friday. I think it is time to actually write something instead of letting everyone know about my day.


     My husband and I have been getting to know our neighbours. Most of them are really cool. My favourite is the couple that lives next door. They are very friendly and the last two times I was over, they made me a drink. I had to return the favour so I got them a bottle. She said it wasn’t necessary but I am stubborn. When I dropped off the bottle, we were talking and I found out that she will be able to start looking to fill a slot where she works. It opens up in January and she said she would let me know. (Good reason to be running late.) I am excited even thought I have no idea if i am going to get it or not. The possibility is great and i am enjoying the thought.

Cheers to you, life, random projects, and NaBloPoMo Day Seven… just in the nick of time.

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