Fine… a rant you can skip

Fine… Yes, that fine

     The four letter word that men dread. I am fine. Fine, fine, fine. He didn’t ask me if I was fine. He didn’t ask because he knows that I think he is the problem. Like I don’t know that I am the problem. Why on earth would I start attempt to start a bunch of 90 challenges for myself. Any regular person does half my challenges regularly. I obviously have problems if I call regular things a challenge. 

Can I do this my way?

    Please? All he sees me do is try. I try all the time and get no where. You have no idea how motivating it is to hear your husband tell you that he sees you trying. Sees you taking two steps forward and one step back. The fact is, I am better than the person I use to be. I can get better than the person I am now. Would it kill you to not step on my cape? Not steal the wind out of my sails? Not completely deflate my balloon?

Cycle Argument

     It just goes around and around and around. He just gave me shit about this blog. You know, that thing that really got me excited about doing

     He asked me what my blog was about so I stopped and let him read all the previous posts. He thought it was husband bashing since I tend to try to get something out for the day around the same time. Then he asked me what we were fighting about. One of the two things we always fight about:  1.  Something to do with me  2.  Something to do with money

     Today, it was about number one, the same thing we were fighting about two or three lovely days ago. Now to finish my thought….. This blog, the thing that gets me excited about doing the projects in the first place. The place where I gather some motivation, maybe even one day motivate someone else to get better too. I think he sees it now. Hopefully it will last longer than two or three days so I can not only build my bubble but try to make it strong enough that even he can’t pop it.

Sorry about the rant, I am sure this is the lamest NaBloPoMo Day Five ever.

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