Fitness Profile: Week One

Fitness Profile for Amanda

Height:  62″  (5 ft 2 in)

Weight: 152.8 pounds (Sunday November 3rd)

BMI:  28.9

Body Fat: 38.8%

Waist:  36.25 inches

Chest:  39.5 inches

Average Steps:  3,793

Average Floors:  12

Fitness Profile for Dan

Height: 70″

Weight:  230 pounds

BMI: 32.1

Body Fat:  26.4%

Waist:  42 inches

Neck:  17.75 inches

Average Steps:  6,379

Average Floors:  9

October 28th – November 3

     We didn’t stick to the 5:2 diet this week. I really need to get shopping for healthy food. It is so easy to say you are going to go to the store tomorrow instead of actually going. We have food, it’s not 5:2 worthy though. We fasted on Sunday, that is it. Hard to see progress when we aren’t sticking to it. This week probably won’t be much better. We will go shopping tomorrow so Tuesday is out. That means fast on Wednesday.

     If we are strong we will fast on Friday as well. Dan is starting school this week. I was trying to get Roxie into puppy classes this week. Life really does pull you in all sorts of directions. I need to get us organized. I would like everything to go a bit more smoothly than it has been.

Note: Still have to update Dan’s information and Happy NaBloPoMo Day Four!

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