Project House

Down Stairs

     Dan and I worked on the house. The down stairs is almost done. Had Roxie running around like a nut. It didn’t take her very love to warm up to her ‘toy box.’ I got the idea from Pet Smart. She loves grabbing random toys from their bins. Need to finish going through some papers and cleaning off the table.

Up Stairs and Everything Else

     The up stairs is still a disaster area, similar to all my 90 day projects. That is ok because this is a new week. Project House will be my main target. I need to start Project Posture as well. Last Sunday, was the only day we fasted. Tomorrow will be our Fitness Profile update as scheduled

Currently Watching Netflix

     I love Netflix. I am a serial watcher. It is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. I can just hit the next button but I loss out on the time spent trying to figure out what will happen next. My Dad has always been a good predictor. It is pretty rare when the plot of a movie or show doesn’t shift exactly the way he thought it would. I think that is a skill that I will add to my project list one day.

Cheers to you, life, random projects and NaBloPoMo Day Three  🙂

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