Day Two

This Morning

     I had a wonderful morning. We hung out, goofed around. Picked up stuff from alterations, picked up a movie. Twenty piece nuggets for the tummy while enjoying the movie… Monster University. I loved it but I have a kid movie bias. Picked some limes of the lime tree and passed them out to our closest neighbors.


    Fighting again. Day two. Two days in a row. I hope this does not last as long as NaBloPoMo. Really need to fix the time stamps for this thing. According to WordPress, it is 2:04 am. It makes it look like I missed a day but it is November 2nd (Happy Birthday Dad!!) at 7:05 pm. I hope tomorrow ends on a lighter note than today has. Plain old stupid all over, and it really wasn’t all day. Just tonight.

Cheers to you having a better night, life, random projects, and NaBloPoMo Day Two! 🙂

Note: I fixed the time zone issue!!!

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