Fitness Profile: Initial

Fitness Profile for Amanda

Height:  62″  (5 ft 2 in)

Weight: 156.1 pounds

BMI:  29.5

Body Fat: 39.7%

Waist:  36.25 inches

Chest:  39.5 inches

Fitness Profile for Dan

Height: 70″

Weight:  230 pounds

BMI: 32.1

Body Fat:  26.4%

Waist:  42 inches

Neck:  17.75 inches

     All these measurements were taken on October 22, 2013. We had a dry run of the Fast Diet that day. It ended in cupcakes, so that day didn’t actually count. Yesterday, October 27th, was our first successful fast. We both weighted our selves in the morning. Dan weighted 225.3 and I weighted 155.2. It looks like he has seen the most improvement from our 1 1/2 days on the 5:2 diet, but he is more active. He went for a mile and half run over the weekend on top of his daily step average of 10,000. I on the other hand average just a bit over 2,000. (Huge difference)

     I will be working on my step average and daily floors. The only other fitness activity I will be doing is the Core Program. Mondays will be the weekly Fitness Profile. I think it would be fair to add our average steps and floors to the list next week. I am not a cook, so the first couple fast days are going to be really easy. We start ours with a half a bagel with cream cheese. Once the bagels are gone, I am going to start making eggs since protein is supposed to make you feel full.

     Writing something meaningful everyday is harder than I thought. I really need to be focused on juggling my personal 90 day challenges. Weekly updates plus one or two regular posts shouldn’t be too much to ask for though. 🙂

Cheers to you, life, and random projects  ~Amanda

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