Sexy Posture

Slouch: The Younger Years

     I was fortunate and unfortunate to grow up without that nagging family member. You know the hovering motherly figure that tells you to stand up straight, elbows off the table, and close your mouth while you are chewing. Don’t get me wrong, these things were brought to my attention. I knew what to do but didn’t actively police myself. As any parent will know or found out the hard way, without consistency, you won’t see the positive results from your demon spawn.

     Demon spawn has matured and is a sloucher among many other things. It became extremely clear when my husband and I were in the desert. I asked him to take two pictures of me. One of me standing up straight, and one of me standing regularly. I wasn’t very happy to see how much of a difference it was.

The Core Program

     Peggy W. Brill wrote The Core Program: 15 Minutes a Day That Can Change Your Life. The book is supposed to help you improve all sorts of everyday aliments. Although gaining great posture is what I am looking for, she explains how many health issues regarding shortened or elongated muscles due to poor posture. A lot more is riding on standing up straight than I thought.

     The first section is chock full of information and examples. A self test to see where you are at. Then the program has 3 different levels: Foundation, Intermediate, and Ultimate. She wants you to do the Foundation for at least one week so you have time to get the hang of it. The pictures look pretty easy to follow. This is definitely targeted to woman. (A couple of draw pictures of the female anatomy)

Sexy Posture Project

     I am going to use the rest of this week to prep for all of the 90 day projects I am simultaneously starting. Next Sunday, October 27th, I will break out my mat. That means at the end of January, I will be posting my results! I want to mention an episode of the New Girl here. Jess is trying to figure out why Nick would like her. My favorite reason during her rant was her Sexy Posture.  🙂

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