The Fast Diet: Fact or Fiction

What is the Fast Diet?

     The Fast Diet was popularized by Dr. Michael Mosley in 2012. It is a form of Alternative Day Fasting (ADF) or intermittent fasting. The term fasting is used lightly since in the 5:2 diet, you don’t actually fast the whole day. Long story short, 2 non consecutive days you drastically restrict your calories while the rest of the week you do what you normally do. Emphasis on drinking water and eating ‘healthy’ for 8 days out of the month. It sounds crazy and unhealthy, but there might be reason to believe other wise.

‘Healthy or Not’

     I had the opportunity to watch a couple of the documentaries while staying at my in laws. The results that Dr. Mosley got back spoke quite loudly. To top it off, the book references a couple of different study’s that were eye opening. Losing weight is a great side affect, but the disease prevention is really what I am after. Diabetes and cancer runs in my family. Dementia in the later years has come up for a couple different members as well. The claim is that you can greatly decrease your risk for all of these things.

Science-ish Experiment

     My husband and I will undergo our own science experiment. We eat like everyone else. Frequenting Buffalo Wild Wings, IHOP at least twice a month, not to mention the occasional pizza box tower. I love my Pepsi. There hasn’t really been a middle for me on soda. Either I drink it like I should water, or I replace it for a while with diet Snapple. We also have Fitbits that document the activity level difference between us. There really won’t be much science to this at all. Tomorrow we are going to test it out. Once I find my tape measure, I will be posting what our current measurements are. From then on, I will update our progress weekly.

     He isn’t as excited about it as I am. I am not a cook. I am really quite lazy with most things at the moment. That is why this 2 days a week really appeals to me. Dr. Mosley also did a documentary on exercise. I want to try that one out as well at some point. Get all the benefits of working out on a stationary bike for a total of 18 minutes of work a month! I don’t think I will give up my Fitbit. I won’t give up walking, but the idea of something for nothing is quite amazing.   



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