Current / Future Projects

Here is a list of projects you can expect me to talk about:

  • Project Blog ~ Started October 20, 2013… blog everyday for 90 days. Two days down, go me!
  • Project Date Lunch Tuesday ~ Doesn’t have to be a Tuesday. Alternate name: Project Hubby because he is worth it!
  • Project House ~ This is house stuff and everything else I can’t neglect because I am trying to do a daily list of projects.
  • Project Story Cube ~ I have them and I need to use them.
  • Project Teeth ~ actually take care of them for 90 days. Before and After pictures… not that anyone is looking forward to those.
  • Project Roxie ~ take my dog to obedience classes so I don’t go crazy anymore
  • Project You Tube ~ I have a list of ideas. Its time to take them off paper.
  • Project Curly Girl Method ~ I have curly hair and would love to rock them instead of a ponytail. Before and After pictures.
  • Project Map ~ The Map by Boni Lonnsburry, I did take her webinar but I need to commit to the daily work
  • Project Family Fitness Board ~ I want to do weekly weight ins… sort of like the Biggest Loser except the only hand I have in it is the weight ins
  • Project Posture ~ I have a book on a 15 min exercise to help improve posture. Before and After pictures, possibly before and after video.
  • Project Water ~ Drink at least the recommended amount for 90 days
  • Project Meditation ~ I want to learn to Meditate
  • Project Yoga ~ Ditto
  • Project Fitbit ~ I am working on getting my steps up now. With some family members being added to my friends list soon. As the saying goes a little family competition doesn’t hurt anybody. Plus…. another Fitbit project that will be weekly / daily challenges.
  • Project Business ~ We haven’t gotten it off the ground yet and I don’t want anyone stealing our name. It’s a really good name.
  • Project the Fast Diet / the 5 – 2 diet ~ Before and After pictures and measurements. Do you like weekly fitness profile updates? Awesome, because that is what I’m going to do.
  • Project Laughter ~ I don’t think I laugh as often as I should. I will actively seek at least one thing that makes me laugh a day. Not sure if I’m going to post those or not. Maybe add a small funny at the end of each blog.
  • Project Fiverr ~ I need to fix my gig before it goes live. Once I have worked out the kinks, I will most likely rant about it here.
  • Project Indo Board ~ I haven’t purchased one yet. When I do, I will set aside 90 lovely days to getting the hang of it
  • Project Italian ~ Thanks to the sale they had at Barnes and Noble. Once I get proficient, I will add a project for Irish… getting ahead of myself, I know.
  • Project School ~ I need to locate one of my books. Then I need to get my butt back to it.

I am sure that once I have accomplished some of these, I will find others to replace them.

Cheers to you, life, and the random projects along the way.  ~Amanda

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