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Fitness Profile for Amanda

Height:  62″  (5 ft 2 in)

Weight: 156.1 pounds

BMI:  29.5

Body Fat: 39.7%

Waist:  36.25 inches

Chest:  39.5 inches

Fitness Profile for Dan

Height: 70″

Weight:  230 pounds

BMI: 32.1

Body Fat:  26.4%

Waist:  42 inches

Neck:  17.75 inches

     All these measurements were taken on October 22, 2013. We had a dry run of the Fast Diet that day. It ended in cupcakes, so that day didn’t actually count. Yesterday, October 27th, was our first successful fast. We both weighted our selves in the morning. Dan weighted 225.3 and I weighted 155.2. It looks like he has seen the most improvement from our 1 1/2 days on the 5:2 diet, but he is more active. He went for a mile and half run over the weekend on top of his daily step average of 10,000. I on the other hand average just a bit over 2,000. (Huge difference)

     I will be working on my step average and daily floors. The only other fitness activity I will be doing is the Core Program. Mondays will be the weekly Fitness Profile. I think it would be fair to add our average steps and floors to the list next week. I am not a cook, so the first couple fast days are going to be really easy. We start ours with a half a bagel with cream cheese. Once the bagels are gone, I am going to start making eggs since protein is supposed to make you feel full.

     Writing something meaningful everyday is harder than I thought. I really need to be focused on juggling my personal 90 day challenges. Weekly updates plus one or two regular posts shouldn’t be too much to ask for though. 🙂

Cheers to you, life, and random projects  ~Amanda


Slouch: The Younger Years

     I was fortunate and unfortunate to grow up without that nagging family member. You know the hovering motherly figure that tells you to stand up straight, elbows off the table, and close your mouth while you are chewing. Don’t get me wrong, these things were brought to my attention. I knew what to do but didn’t actively police myself. As any parent will know or found out the hard way, without consistency, you won’t see the positive results from your demon spawn.

     Demon spawn has matured and is a sloucher among many other things. It became extremely clear when my husband and I were in the desert. I asked him to take two pictures of me. One of me standing up straight, and one of me standing regularly. I wasn’t very happy to see how much of a difference it was.

The Core Program

     Peggy W. Brill wrote The Core Program: 15 Minutes a Day That Can Change Your Life. The book is supposed to help you improve all sorts of everyday aliments. Although gaining great posture is what I am looking for, she explains how many health issues regarding shortened or elongated muscles due to poor posture. A lot more is riding on standing up straight than I thought.

     The first section is chock full of information and examples. A self test to see where you are at. Then the program has 3 different levels: Foundation, Intermediate, and Ultimate. She wants you to do the Foundation for at least one week so you have time to get the hang of it. The pictures look pretty easy to follow. This is definitely targeted to woman. (A couple of draw pictures of the female anatomy)

Sexy Posture Project

     I am going to use the rest of this week to prep for all of the 90 day projects I am simultaneously starting. Next Sunday, October 27th, I will break out my mat. That means at the end of January, I will be posting my results! I want to mention an episode of the New Girl here. Jess is trying to figure out why Nick would like her. My favorite reason during her rant was her Sexy Posture.  🙂

What is the Fast Diet?

     The Fast Diet was popularized by Dr. Michael Mosley in 2012. It is a form of Alternative Day Fasting (ADF) or intermittent fasting. The term fasting is used lightly since in the 5:2 diet, you don’t actually fast the whole day. Long story short, 2 non consecutive days you drastically restrict your calories while the rest of the week you do what you normally do. Emphasis on drinking water and eating ‘healthy’ for 8 days out of the month. It sounds crazy and unhealthy, but there might be reason to believe other wise.

‘Healthy or Not’

     I had the opportunity to watch a couple of the documentaries while staying at my in laws. The results that Dr. Mosley got back spoke quite loudly. To top it off, the book references a couple of different study’s that were eye opening. Losing weight is a great side affect, but the disease prevention is really what I am after. Diabetes and cancer runs in my family. Dementia in the later years has come up for a couple different members as well. The claim is that you can greatly decrease your risk for all of these things.

Science-ish Experiment

     My husband and I will undergo our own science experiment. We eat like everyone else. Frequenting Buffalo Wild Wings, IHOP at least twice a month, not to mention the occasional pizza box tower. I love my Pepsi. There hasn’t really been a middle for me on soda. Either I drink it like I should water, or I replace it for a while with diet Snapple. We also have Fitbits that document the activity level difference between us. There really won’t be much science to this at all. Tomorrow we are going to test it out. Once I find my tape measure, I will be posting what our current measurements are. From then on, I will update our progress weekly.

     He isn’t as excited about it as I am. I am not a cook. I am really quite lazy with most things at the moment. That is why this 2 days a week really appeals to me. Dr. Mosley also did a documentary on exercise. I want to try that one out as well at some point. Get all the benefits of working out on a stationary bike for a total of 18 minutes of work a month! I don’t think I will give up my Fitbit. I won’t give up walking, but the idea of something for nothing is quite amazing.   



Here is a list of projects you can expect me to talk about:

  • Project Blog ~ Started October 20, 2013… blog everyday for 90 days. Two days down, go me!
  • Project Date Lunch Tuesday ~ Doesn’t have to be a Tuesday. Alternate name: Project Hubby because he is worth it!
  • Project House ~ This is house stuff and everything else I can’t neglect because I am trying to do a daily list of projects.
  • Project Story Cube ~ I have them and I need to use them.
  • Project Teeth ~ actually take care of them for 90 days. Before and After pictures… not that anyone is looking forward to those.
  • Project Roxie ~ take my dog to obedience classes so I don’t go crazy anymore
  • Project You Tube ~ I have a list of ideas. Its time to take them off paper.
  • Project Curly Girl Method ~ I have curly hair and would love to rock them instead of a ponytail. Before and After pictures.
  • Project Map ~ The Map by Boni Lonnsburry, I did take her webinar but I need to commit to the daily work
  • Project Family Fitness Board ~ I want to do weekly weight ins… sort of like the Biggest Loser except the only hand I have in it is the weight ins
  • Project Posture ~ I have a book on a 15 min exercise to help improve posture. Before and After pictures, possibly before and after video.
  • Project Water ~ Drink at least the recommended amount for 90 days
  • Project Meditation ~ I want to learn to Meditate
  • Project Yoga ~ Ditto
  • Project Fitbit ~ I am working on getting my steps up now. With some family members being added to my friends list soon. As the saying goes a little family competition doesn’t hurt anybody. Plus…. another Fitbit project that will be weekly / daily challenges.
  • Project Business ~ We haven’t gotten it off the ground yet and I don’t want anyone stealing our name. It’s a really good name.
  • Project the Fast Diet / the 5 – 2 diet ~ Before and After pictures and measurements. Do you like weekly fitness profile updates? Awesome, because that is what I’m going to do.
  • Project Laughter ~ I don’t think I laugh as often as I should. I will actively seek at least one thing that makes me laugh a day. Not sure if I’m going to post those or not. Maybe add a small funny at the end of each blog.
  • Project Fiverr ~ I need to fix my gig before it goes live. Once I have worked out the kinks, I will most likely rant about it here.
  • Project Indo Board ~ I haven’t purchased one yet. When I do, I will set aside 90 lovely days to getting the hang of it
  • Project Italian ~ Thanks to the sale they had at Barnes and Noble. Once I get proficient, I will add a project for Irish… getting ahead of myself, I know.
  • Project School ~ I need to locate one of my books. Then I need to get my butt back to it.

I am sure that once I have accomplished some of these, I will find others to replace them.

Cheers to you, life, and the random projects along the way.  ~Amanda

My Life In the Military

     I signed up for the Air Force in 2007. I have seen and lived in countries I wouldn’t have had the opportunity if it wasn’t for joining. I made a lot of friends that felt more like family. I found an amazing man that decided to tie the knot with me. Over all, it was good gig. I got out April 2013. I repeated to myself,  how great it would be to do everything my way once I got out.

My Life with my In Laws

     The end of March I moved in with my husbands family. They are very laid back people. I spent the five months loafing around. I would get excited about a project and then lose interest. It didn’t take long for my ‘toy box’ of past attempts to do something productive got full. While my box got was growing, my husbands patience was shrinking. 

The Last Two Months

     After moving, getting somewhat settled took some time. Lack of internet meant jacking up the data on our phones. Our lives have a sense of normalcy now. Being creatures of habit, were took to a routine rather quickly. With all of the necessary things out of boxes, we still have plenty to sort through.

Shifting Gears

     Now it is time to switch it up. I have things I want to do and I’m not going to stand in my own way. Yesterday, my husband helped me fill out an application for Barnes and Noble. Today, I started a blog. I will be writing everyday. Anything from what project I have started, what I’m reading, watching, and the random in between.   

Cheers to you, life, and the random projects along the way.  ~Amanda